My special love are homebirths, because they are simply magical. This is the romantic reason why I prefer to be a doula at a homebirth. However, for a homebirth to be magical, there must be certain conditions fulfilled that are important for a birth to go well. Since mothers give birth in home environment that is well known to them, where they feel safe, where there are no surprises or prohibitions, where they can move, eat and drink freely, where they can be themselves, these births:

  • are easier
  • involve less complications
  • enable that mother and baby are in a significantly better psychological and physical condition after birth
  • provide for a faster postpartum recovery
  • provide for a faster and easier initiation of breastfeeding
  • provide for better development of children
  • and much more.

Homebirths are safer for healthy pregnant women and healthy babies, because they involve less complications due to the hands-off approach. Interventions often lead to complications that can end in caesarean birth.

If a justified medical reason appears during the birth, which could endanger the health of the mother or the baby, they are immediately transferred to the nearest hospital. However, it is worth emphasizing that both the midwives and I strive to prevent this and ensure safety. All the efforts are made that a mother could be safe, that she could trust and be sure that she can give birth with her own strength.  

When I prepare a pregnant woman to give birth at home, she receives all the support that is provided in a regular doula package, furthermore, she meets with the aforementioned midwives, who are present at birth. The midwife visits her repeatedly before and after birth, accompanies her at birth. All the time, we both support her by different communication means.

When a pregnant woman decides for a homebirth, she receives the best possible treatment in our maternity care system, which enables a safe and predictable birth process.

The midwives who I partner with are university graduate midwives from the Indo Anai Institute. They are independent midwives Teja Zakšek Škodič, PhD, and Mojca Kolenko. Both of them have many years of experience in obstetrics and had worked in maternity hospitals; since recent years, they have many experience in home deliveries.

Teja Zakšek Škodič, PhD, is the first midwife with a doctoral degree in Balkan countries, has Masters in Midwifery (MSc), a graduated radiology engineer, the director of Indo Anai Institute and has more than 20 years of work experience in community nursing, obstetrics and home delivery.

Mojca Kolenko, a university graduate midwife, employed as a midwife at the Indo Anai Institute, and has many years of experience in obstetrics.

I am aware that trust and safety are the most important values in childbirth, and these are priorities of everyone involved in the process of birth. We work to ensure these qualities.

I recommend an informational meeting at the beginning, where you can receive first basic information. On this basis, you can decide how you want to proceed.

– 850 EUR + travel expenses to your home and back for one visit (0,37 EUR per km).
– Travel expenses for other meetings are not charged if the distance between my home and yours does not exceed 20 km or you come to meetings to the rented therapeutic space to the Lila center at 12 Kogovškova in Ljubljana.

I accept applications by email simone@roditiznasmehom.com