I offer several options you can choose from depending on your needs:

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Individual Meetings / Conversations:
– It happens sometimes that a new mom or a pregnant woman wishes only to have a one-time consultation, for example about her birth options or to assess her birth experience. Maybe she wants to reflect on her postpartum period. I offer an option of a one-time meeting, where we can meet and talk about a desired topic.
Prices: 40 EUR per meeting
– Travel expenses are not charged if the distance from my home to the place of meeting does not exceed 20 km or you come to the Lila centre at 12 Kogovškova Street in Ljubljana.

Important information for women or couples who I accompany and support during childbirth:

  • I DO NOT execute or assess medical examinations, since I am not a medical expert.
  • I DO NOT make decisions instead of you. I will help you to get objective information that will help you decide for yourself.
  • I WILL NOT discuss the medical decisions or procedures with the medical staff during the childbirth.
  • I can discuss your dilemmas with you and propose alternative options.
  • I can support you in discussions with the medical staff and make sure you have an option to express your concerns.