Holistic Childbirth Preparation

The news about pregnancy is a happy and welcome one for almost every woman. However, sooner or later worries about childbirth begin to creep in. Worries are mixed with fear and anxiety, which are greater and greater, as the due date approaches. In that time, many mothers-to-be begin to frantically acquire information about childbirth and pain management options, since the fear of pain is dominant. Unfortunately, despite the all acquired information, the childbirth pain cannot be easily prevented, so many pregnant women resign to staying open about particular decisions and seeing what happens during the childbirth itself. Then some things can happen that they do not understand, did not consent to and feel out of control during the event.

The truth is, we can prepare for the childbirth emotionally and this preparation is crucial for overcoming fear and tension, for easing childbirth strain. With the acceptance of what is happening and with trust in our capabilities, we can have a wonderful experience and prevent a traumatic childbirth. I believe this is what every pregnant woman wishes for. Awareness about body functions and trust in body wisdom enhances self-esteem and assurance that we can have a beautiful childbirth experience.

We should prepare for giving birth physically too, with appropriate stretching of soft tissues in the abdomen, stretching of ligaments and striving for balance in the pelvis. Thus we provide an optimal position for the baby and an optimal start of the childbirth and an optimal course of events.

Both physical and emotional preparation make for a holistic childbirth preparation. This gives a pregnant woman tools for overcoming her fears and pain.

I offer several holistic childbirth preparations you can choose from, with or without my support during birth:

1. Individual preparation for childbirth, which means couple and me. In this way, we achieve 100% discretion and a relaxed state without embarrassment.
2. Doula package: individual preparation for childbirth, my support during birth and postpartum assistance.
3. Group birth preparation for those who want only my preparation but not my support and presence at birth.
4. Exclusive childbirth support

Read more about each service below:

1. Childbirth Preparation (without my support during birth)

Individual childbirth preparation is a boutique arrangement that means me and a couple. I like for the couple to contact me somewhere in the middle of pregnancy, when there is enough time to carry out the childbirth preparation in its entirety; physically, emotionally and informationally. This means that the body can relax and stretch and provide optimal conditions for the baby to accommodate in the pelvis and for an easier and faster childbirth.

Information and emotional preparation for childbirth is carried out through 6 thematic meetings, where we address body memory, childbirth from A to Z, learn to relax, learn about ways to work with our body, about ways to initiate childbirth and relieve pain, talk about expectations and wishes, write a birth plan, etc. In this preparation, we also discuss breastfeeding and postpartum life.

Preparation takes place at the Lila Center at 12 Kogovskova Street in Ljubljana or at your home, which is your choice.

– 6 meetings = 300 EUR
– Preparation meetings take place at 12 Kogovskova Street in Ljubljana and last 2 hours.
– Dates are by appointment.

I accept applications by email simone@roditiznasmehom.com.  

2. Doula Package (preparation + my support during birth + pospartum)

If you decide for a doula package, it applies everything described above (see Childbirth preparation), furthermore, towards the end of the pregnancy, I repeatedly meet you at your home to check the position of the baby in the pelvis. I do this with Leopold manoeuvres, an ancient midwifery technique of touching the belly, which tells me how a baby is placed in the womb. Depending on its position and/or possible positioning issues, I advise you to do some more or less exercise. All this with the aim of you giving birth as easily as possible.

From three weeks before the due date I am on standby 24/7, which means on call and always available. I accompany you at birth and I am with you until the baby is born. After delivery, I stay up to two hours to help with the first breastfeeding and whatever you may need in this period. During the postpartum period, I have 14 days left to give you all the help you need to learn to breastfeed, handle your baby and anything that may come up and where you may need support.

During the time of our agreement, I wish for you to be in contact with me, to inform me regularly about your wellbeing and medical appointments, since this is the only way I can help you, support you and accompany you safely through the pregnancy and the childbirth experience.

For more information, see the blog post I am a doula

– 850 EUR + travel expenses for the distance to the maternity hospital or to your home in the case of a homebirth; and to your home and back for one visit (0,37 EUR per km).
– Travel expenses for other meetings are not charged if the distance from my home to yours does not exceed 20 km or you come to meetings to a rented therapeutic space at the Lila Centre at 12 Kogovskova Street in Ljubljana.

I accept applications by email simone@roditiznasmehom.com

3. Group Childbirth Preparation

In the group childbirth preparation classes, there are 5 to 7 couples preparing for childbirth together. This includes 5 meetings with the following topics:

  1. Physiological childbirth preparation
  2. Childbirth I.
  3. Childbirth II.
  4. Breastfeeding
  5. Life after childbirth

For a detailed description of these topics see Individual childbirth preparation

– 5 meetings = 250 EUR
– The group meets at Lila center at 12 Kogovškova Street in Ljubljana.
– The dates of the meetings are published on my FB profile.
– It is advisable that you attend the meetings as a couple.

I accept applications by email simone@roditiznasmehom.com

4. Exclusive Childbirth Support

There is an option of exclusive childbirth support that can be provided in extreme situations. I provide childbirth support to mothers who for special reasons seek a childbirth companion, however, they want an experienced one, so she can help them and support them.

This includes standby service from 38th week onward, childbirth support and one visit after delivery.

– 300 EUR (plus travel expenses, if the birth is outside Ljubljana)

I accept applications by email simone@roditiznasmehom.com