My name is Simone. I am a mother of five living children, three sons and two daughters, furthermore, we have one angel in heaven. I am a doula, which means a companion and a counsellor during pregnancy, childbirth and a brief period after birth. I love the explanation that the doula is a woman who gently and motherly prepares and accompanies another woman to the motherhood. For the first, second, third … time.

I am a university graduate in political science, however, I have never used this degree, since I have all my life loved researching interpersonal relationships, educating children, deepening my Catholic faith and learning foreign languages. For many years, I had been teaching English and during that time I became a mother of six children. It was always a priority for me to love and care for my children first, so I accommodated my life to the rhythm of my children especially during their baby- and toddlerhood. In my pregnancies and during postpartum periods I had much interest in learning about childbirth and formation of child’s identity in the first six months of life.

I am a certified birth and postpartum doula and a childbirth educator. I am also a certified infant massage instructor with the IAIM organisation (International Association of Infant Massage). I have gained my expertise with the CBI organisation (Childbirth International) and am constantly learning. Soon I will acquire a certificate for a Spinning Babies Parent Educator, which will enable me to teach childbirth preparation classes with the use of their certified method. The Spinning Babies exercises and lifestyle facilitate stretching of soft tissues in the abdomen and thus optimal positioning of the baby in the pelvis. By virtue of these exercises and activities for solving difficult childbirth situations, that result in not ideal positioning of the baby, the childbirth is easier and quicker.

Additionally, I am a member of the Attachment Parenting Organization, the institution that fosters attachment between a child and their parents or caregivers on the grounds of a psychological theory about caring connection. I firmly believe in and support their principles.